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Violet Hive Art Collective

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Our Mission

Violet Hive Art is a community art and art therapy collective and aspects of our collective hold a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We mindfully provide art classes, studios, and therapeutic services. Our mission is to use art and mindfulness to support the healing of the people of Denver. Why?  Because we know that art is inherently healing. Whether healing is achieved through an art studio or art therapy, we are passionately committed to support you in the exploration of  learning to care for your entire being and experience joy through authenticity. 


A Spectrum of Healing: FROM Art Education to ART THERAPY

We describe our offerings as a Spectrum of Healing. At our studio you may engage in the form or level that is the best fit for you -- be it enrolling a studio focused on accessible art skills, exploring mindfulness, engaging in individual or group therapy, or even designing a mobile programming track for your school or nonprofit/ corporate organization.




Happenings & Studio Spotlight


adult programming

At Violet Hive we believe that art and mindfulness go hand in to bring about healing and transformation in your life. Art Therapy and Art Studios are not just for kids and you do not have to be an artist to participate! We believe that the process and participation are where the magic happens! Check out our new programming and come spend time with yourself and with our team that is over the moon to bring you these amazing studios!

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ADULTS Plan Your Own Studio

The season of transformation and gratitude is here. Join us this fall for Art opportunities once a month. You will be able to ground yourself and focus on your internal landscape, explore your authentic self with gratitude and to set intentions. Dreamcatchers, Mindfulness and Mala Making, Soul Collage®, and Ladies Open Art Studio are catagories for offerings. if you don't see what you are looking for schedule a private event for you and your friends or co-workers! 
 Begin to Plan Your Own Studio Now!


revival art + energy series

We all struggle with anxiety, depression, judgment of self or others. The problem is this often results in separation from love, passion, and fulfillment. This also leaves us feeling out of alignment with who we want to be. We understand and created this studio with these things in mind. Through this studio we will build on skills for self-care and will address these areas of life for transformation. Many of these skills will be achieved through working with art, the chakras, mindfulness, a renewed connection with yourself, emotions, and healing through art.

revival QUARTERly WOMEN'S STudio

As a part of the Revival Art + Energy series, this weekly group will continue to explore how we can work with our energy through art and mindfulness within a community of support. Every 8-weeks we will shift written content while continuing to explore our energy through the chakras by making artwork to address mindfulness, connecting with our emotions and intuition for greater healing. During our work together, we will continue to practice and add tools for self-care as a means to bring intention to the energy in your body and cultivate the passion and connection you wish to see in your life. To register you may purchase a 8-session package (this is priced for 6 sessions allowing you to miss 2.  If you come to all 8 sessions you get two for free.
This course begins April 3rd.

Search and Register for Revival Studios


Each quarter we will offer a 3-week intensive exploration studio as part of the Revival Art + Energy series, we will go deeper and explore mindfulness, connecting with self, psycho-education, and healing through art. You will learn how to think about self-care differently, bring intention to the energy in your body, support yourself with art, and cultivate the passion you wish to see in your life. To register you will purchase a package for this 3-part class. 
Next Session begins Thursday March 8th.

Search and Register for Revival Studios


Kids & Teens Programming

Is your child, preteen or teen struggling with some challenges that have nothing to do with their core subjects? We can help to support them. Our focus is exposing children and adolescents to different mediums and materials to build confidence and their creative abilities within a group of their peers from different schools. They can try things out and explore their authentic self.


every Saturday, 10am-12pm, 6-9-years-olDS

One of our very determined and talented participants Noah gave us permission to share his latest artwork. It was inspired by a favorite characters of his. He made this drawing and used the materials we had on hand creatively and flexibly to make his very own version. We are so proud of him and hwo much he has grown since we met him during a Parent's Night Off over a year ago.



EVERY Thursday, 4:30pm-6:30pm, ages 10-17-years-old.

We split the studios up according to ages and development. 10-13-years-olds make-up the In-Between Art Studio and 14-17-years-old make-up the Teen Art Studio. Let us know if you are interested! Check out our Children and Teens programming to search and register.

 Teen Art Studio is a time for our participants to explore themselves through art. We have seen so much growth and joy from our time on Thursdays. Art work By Freya, Photography by Jeff Crass Photography

Teen Art Studio is a time for our participants to explore themselves through art. We have seen so much growth and joy from our time on Thursdays.
Art work By Freya, Photography by Jeff Crass Photography



The Studio & Space

Our studio is part art studio and part therapeutic space which equals fun and healing for all! Feel to sign up for a workshop, join a therapeutic group, or start therapeutic services. Spots often fill up fast, and we look forward to seeing you. Please let us know if you have questions or would like a consult.

 VIOLET HIVE ART:  WORKROOM, "Seiche", by Krista Reinhardt-Ruprecht, fellow Art Therapist

VIOLET HIVE ART:  WORKROOM, "Seiche", by Krista Reinhardt-Ruprecht, fellow Art Therapist


Feel free to park on the street in front of our studio on Colfax Ave. or enter our parking lot behind oue building from St. Paul Street. The building may then be entered from our back door with the bee on it.


"If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

–Vincent VanGogh

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