Why Art Therapy?


Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which can help you to mindfully connect with your inner self or subconscious through art in a safe and supportive environment. Art therapy can unlock emotional expression through non-verbal communication and has been shown to benefit clients who found traditional talk therapy ineffective. At Violet Hive we believe that everyone is an artist and all levels experiences are welcome.


Do you find yourself struggling with:

  • A lack of fulfillment and meaning in your daily life?

  • Unresolved feelings because they lead to a pattern of worrying or withdrawal?

  • Negative thought pattern involving limiting beliefs?
  • Using vices to cope? (alcohol, sex, food, drugs, or other behaviors)
  • A history of trauma, anxiety, impulsivity, depression?
  • Maintaining intimate relationships or expressing your needs?

  • Perpetually stuck in a dissatisfying employment or experience?

Art Therapy can help you achieve:

  • Relief from symptoms associated with anxiety or depression
  • Stronger personal boundaries and healthier interpersonal relationships

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence in your voice

  • A deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment in daily life
  • Mindfulness and nervous system regulation
  • More control over irresistible urges or addictive behavior

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