Our Collective Team

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As a collective of therapists we are striving to bring art to the community and therapeutic services to families and organizations in need by making art more accessible to everyone, especially those who may not call themselves artists. The act of expressing one’s self through mindfulness and art brings us back to our authentic selves, allows us to feel connected to our dreams and it heals us. Learn more about our providers below.


Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor
VH Founder and Program Director

As the Founder of Violet Hive Art Collective and it's 501(3)(c) nonprofit initiative Violet Hive Art Therapy (Bee Mighty), my personal mission is to connect people through relationship and community, as well as, providing opportunities for healing through the creative arts while going through life’s many transitions. I believe art and art therapy are for everyone, no matter their artistic level. As an art therapist, I provide a space that is creative but also safe for clients (pre-teens-adults) to explore emotions and challenges. Often unexpressed words and emotions are at the heart of symptoms and behaviors. Through creative expression, art can allow openings for shifts in daily life and growth to occur. Learn how we can mindfully and creatively return you to your authentic path and allow you to move toward living a more fulfilled life. 

Specializations: Women and Pre-teens ages 10-14-yrs-old experiencing Life Transitions including: Anxiety, Depression, and Judgment of self or others.

Approaches and modalities include: Art Therapy, Creative Transitions (Career Guidance) Mindfulness, Spiritual Emergence, Relational, Trauma-Focused, Transpersonal and Psychodynamic Theory. (Learn more at amyleiter.com)

Children's Studio: Open Heart Art Studio (7-10 yrs) 
Women's Studio 3-week Intensive: Revival Art + Energy work Women's Studio Weekly: Revival Art + Energy Quarterly Course (Weekly, 6-weeks at a time)

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Registered Psychotherapist, Art Therapist & Studio Artist
VH Operations Manager and Studio Lead Facilitator

I believe in the power of art to assist clients and participants in gaining insight and new perspectives to help facilitate personal growth. As a counselor, art therapist and workshop facilitator at Violet Hive Art Therapy, I use a client-centered method working together with clients to attain the common goal of building a therapeutic relationship and healing. I have worked with a variety of clients of various experiences, ages, and challenges. I am most honored to be a part of the planning and organization of children's and teen programming with Denver Public Schools and other community organizations. I enjoy using, ceramics, mixed media and fiber arts personally, with clients and participants. 

Specializations: Teens ages 14-18yrs-old experiencing and Young Women (Adults) experiencing Life Transitions including: Anxiety, Depression, and Judgment of self or others.

Approaches and modalities include: Art Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness, Psycho-education, and Psychodynamic Theory.

STUDIOS: Teen Art Studio (14-17yrs)
Women's Studio 3-week Intensive: Revival Art + Energy work


Registered Psychotherapist, Art Therapist & Studio Artist 

I am passionate about Art Therapy and working with groups and individuals of all ages. I have the availability to see clients individually at Violet Hive for a reduced fee. I believe in the power of art as a means for self-expression, personal growth, healing, and transformation. I enjoy working with others to build a sense of community, nurture positive self-image, and contribute to environments that cultivate risk-taking, creative problem solving, safety, discovery, and resilience. As a therapist, I use an integrative, client-centered approach to working with clients that include modalities such as: Art Therapy, mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Trauma-Informed approaches. 


Meg Hamilton
MA Candidate, Southwestern College
VH Art Therapy Intern & Studio Artist  

I believe human beings are inherently visual creatures, and that one does not need to be an artist to experience the healing power of art making. As an art therapist, I aim to meet others where they are at in their creative process to enhance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. I have experience working with children and adolescents, and I am passionate about facilitating non-violent communication with women in crisis. My training in Applied Interpersonal  Neurobiology can be useful in guiding those who wish to develop a deeper mind-body-soul connection.  

Mindfulness and Fiber Art @Compassion Road Academy
Open Heart Art Studio (7-10 yrs) @Violet Hive


Brayden Jones
MA Candidate, Southwestern College
VH Art Therapy Intern & Studio Artist  

As an art therapist I believe in the inherent healing potential that happens in the creative art process, particularly in community with others. I have experience working with aging adults, adolescents, and the LGBT+ community. I especially enjoy working with young people who have a difficult family life and individuals going through transitional periods of life. I align with a mindfulness approach to art therapy and a client-centered modality. Healing through advocacy and education are important factors to my therapeutic approach. 

Drawing on Air @AfA, Teen Visual Art
Open Heart Art Studio (7-10 yrs) @Violet Hive

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Paige Johnson
MA Candidate, Lesley University
VH Art Therapy Intern & Studio Artist  

I am a firm believer in the healing power of art. I have experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities and people on the Autism spectrum. I use strength-based and client centered methods to help individuals to express themselves and find their own power. I meet each client with support and empathy to encourage growth. 

Mindfulness and Fiber Art @Compassion Road Academy Drawing on Air @AfA, Teens Visual Art  


Collective Practitioner: Psychotherapist & Art Therapist

As an art therapist I utilize the creative process as a modality to facilitate healing. I specialize in the treatment of psychological trauma, and its subsequent issues including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. I have an extensive experience working with life transitions, attachment issues, family system concerns, and developmental disabilities including children and young adults on the spectrum. 

Approaches and modalities include:  Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), And Systemic Theory. (Learn more)

Contact Lisa for a consult at lisa@violethiveart.org.


Collective Practitioner: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
Board Certified Art Therapist

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, currently licensed in both Colorado and California. My practice focuses on those on the Autism Spectrum and helping families navigate the diagnosis and find their new normal; children, adolescents, and adults experiencing grief, anxiety, and depression; and adults experiencing phase of life and attachment problems. I'm a certified SoulCollage® facilitator and have completed Level I Gottman Couples Therapy training.

As an Art Therapist I blend psychotherapy and art making, allowing you to talk about your issues while learning ways to creatively communicate and work through them. Art-making allows you to tap into your unconscious, cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, and utilize creative ways to cope. Approaches and modalities include:  Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment, Self Psychology, Family Systems, SoulCollage® facilitator. 

IRON LADIES: Women's Closed Art Therapy Group 
Contact Nissa for a consult at nissajacman@gmail.com.