Denver Public and Private Schools  

With the understanding that art is inherently healing our mission is to support the Adults, Families, and Children of Denver in having access to art and healing. Our hope is that our patrons will see themselves authentically and experience wellness through art and creative expression. As artists and art therapists we see our students, participants and clients holistically while addressing each individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. 

We also believe that students and families thrive when they have high-quality educational choices and see our programming as an asset to furthering Denver Public Schools/Whole Child Healthy Child Agenda in the Denver 2020 Plan. The Department for Extended Learning, approved us as a Community Partner because our programming addresses many challenges, topics, skill and resource levels. As an organization, we aim to positively impact the mental health, skill building, and emotional regulation of students and families through art as healing/art and mindfulness education and therapeutic groups. Our programs nurture and cultivate participants’ talents and abilities and we work to meet students where they are at while creating a culture of challenge and learning.

We aim to encourage students to pursue their artistic passions and interests, mental and physical health, as well as, strengthen skills around social/emotional intelligence whether offering an art studio or therapeutic group. We offer flexible rates and can assist with pursuing funding. See examples of existing programming below.




On-site Mobile Enrichment: 

Enrichment opportunities during school hours, 10-20 participants. We worked with Compassion Road Academy in Winter and Spring 2017 using a Mindfulness in Fiber Arts curriculum. Students created dream catchers, meditation sticks, fabric painting, embroidery and cross stitch. This created self-regulating behaviors that can be applied outside the classroom. Contact us to plan your class.

Studio at Violet Hive:

Field Trip or Experiential Art studio classes at Violet Hive Art, 5-10 participants. We worked with East High School Multi Intensive in Spring 2017 using a Customized Art curriculum. Students created dream catchers, meditation sticks, stress balls in addition to drawing. This allowed choice and elements of control for special need students and helped them create goal-setting for future. Contact us to come to our space.


Art Therapy Groups:

 A closed therapeutic group using the modality of art therapy, maximum of 10 participants. Groups may take place at Violet Hive or at your site. We worked with Denver Online High School in Spring 2017 using a  Mindfulness in Fiber Arts/Customized Art curriculum. Students created scribble art, dream catchers and meditation sticks with a focus on self-regulating behaviors for the school’s anxiety and depression group. Contact us to design your experience.

Violet Hive-5439.jpg

On-site Mobile AFTER-SCHOOL:

Art Education with positive benefits. Art studio classes at your location or site, after school hours, 5-10 participants. We will work with Denver Public Library in Fall 2017 with a curriculum of Functional Art for people experiencing homelessness. Mediums may include visual poems, wearable fabric art, tiny art, quilts, treasure boxes, up-cycled plastic mats, water bottle embellishment and expression, embroidery and cross stitch. We will focus on creating self-regulating behaviors that can be applied outside the classroom. Contact us to design your project. (Image: Jeff Crass Photography, 2017)