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A Spectrum of Healing


Violet Hive Art is a community collective that mindfully provides art classes, studios, and therapeutic services. Our mission is to use art to support the people of Denver because we know art is inherently healing. Whether it is achieved through a studio or therapy, we are excited to help you take care of your entire being.

We describe our offerings as a Spectrum of Healing. You may engage in the form or level that is the best fit for you -- be it enrolling in a studio focused on accessible art skills, exploring energywork, designing a mobile programming track for your organization or engaging in individual or group therapy.  Let the journey commence. 



Art Therapy: Individual & Groups

Art therapy is an effective and alternative means of brain-body communication. We use psychological theory with visual arts to help clients express themselves nonverbally. It’s not about what you create -- it’s about the process you go through to create the art work and your experience with it. Let's get started.

Mobile Programming: Denver Public & Private Schools and Community Programming: Corporate and Nonprofit

We provide a memorable and engaging art experience that can be used for team building, self-care and enrichment opportunities for organizations. Our Community Impact Programming involves work with schools, libraries and other public organizations. Our Private Programming creates opportunities for corporate and nonprofit organizations to work with our staff and their team for growth.

On-site Art Studios and Programming for All Ages

We describe our art classes as studios involving “art as healing.” We believe that art is inherently healing and can take form indirectly while creating art and enjoying the finished product. Our intent is that you leave with important takeaways, inspiration and a new confidence around the art materials used. 


NEWS ABOUT Art, movement, & mindfulness

at Violet Hive

At Violet Hive, we believe everyone is an artist and wish to bring art opportunities to the community through our Studios, Mobile Programming and Therapeutic Offerings.  We are working on putting out more programming and to be a part of events in the neighborhood and community. Sign up for The Buzz Newsletter to stay informed of new studios and events. We promise to only send updates and information that is important to what we are doing. Also, check out the content below about what is happening now!


Adults we have somethng new for you, The Friday Feature. Join us every Friday at Violet Hive Art Studio from 6:30-9:30 pm for art, friends, and fun! Check out all of the Friday Features: String Art, Soul Collage® and Dreamcatchers for the Summer under Adult Programming.

Is your teen climbing the walls? A little longer til school starts, so send them to The Teen Art Studio. Our focus is exposing teens to different mediums and materials to prepare the them for a mural project this fall. Each project also builds confidence and the teens' creative abilities. 

Community Impact Mobile Programming: Self-care Teacher and Administration Session, Visualization and Meditation Sticks at The Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS).

Does your school need a little more art or mindfulness programming? We are commited to working with schools to fill gaps in existing programming or serving existing populations during or afterschool. Read more about Enrichment Programming on our latest blog.

Ceramics and Clay Studios are now a part of Violet Hive's Offerings. Read more about the medium and upcoming studios.


"We were so grateful today to have Violet Hive Art come to GALS and share some of what they do with us (art for healing and self-care). We had a great time engaging in both art and conversation. The team is fun to be around and did an amazing job sharing some of the ways they work with youth by connecting and helping to build their resiliency as well as our own. We had fun and left feeling restored. Thank you!"

–Amber Brydon, School Psychologist



The Studio
& Space

Our studio is part art studio and part therapeutic space which equals fun and healing for all! Feel to sign up for a workshop, join a therapeutic group, or start therapeutic services. Spots often fill up fast, and we look forward to seeing you. Please let us know if you have questions or would like a consult.




Feel free to park on the street in front of our studio on Colfax Ave. or enter our parking lot behind oue building from St. Paul Street. The building may then be entered from our back door with the bee on it.


"If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

–Vincent VanGogh

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