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Our Mission & Values

Violet Hive Art uses mindfulness AND ART to support healing and positive change

We are a community art and art therapy collective that holds a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and supports several Denver nonprofit organizations. In our work we partner with organizations to collaborate and bring art programming and therapeutic services to those that they serve. Because we know that the art process is inherently healing we mindfully provide art programming (art as healing studios) and art therapy to individuals and organizations.

Through the art process individuals may engage in creativity and transformational experiences in a safe and non-judgmental environment. No matter if healing is achieved through an art as healing  studio or art therapy, we are passionately committed to supporting an exploration of learning to care for your entire being and the experience of joy and transformation.  


A Spectrum of Healing FROM Art AS HEALING to ART THERAPY

We describe our offerings as a Spectrum of Healing. At our studio you may engage in the form or level that is the best fit for you -- be it enrolling in a studio focused on accessible art skills, exploring mindfulness, engaging in individual or group therapy, or even designing a mobile programming track for your school or nonprofit/ corporate organization.



Happenings & Studio Spotlight


Is your preteen or teen struggling with some challenges that have nothing to do with their core subjects? We can help to support them. Our focus is exposing children and adolescents to different mediums and materials to build confidence and their creative abilities within a group of their peers from different schools. They can try things out and explore their authentic self.


Teen Creative Therapeutic Group


This interactive support group is open for all teens who may be looking for peer connections and a creative way to express themselves. Making art with others in a safe, confidential environment to encourage positive self-esteem and foster a sense of community, offering the opportunity for teens to use their unique voice. This group is led by trained art therapists, we aim to empower participants to share experiences, provide support, and bear witness to the challenges and triumphs of developing your identity. All genders, preferences, and gender non-conforming individuals are welcome. Together we will support each other in our journeys towards living authentically in our individuality. This is an open group meaning new participants are allowed to join at anytime. Come share your experiences and build new friendships in a safe and supportive space! 

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Step 2: Please fill out the Required Participant Waiver:
Step 3: Come and Enjoy!
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Send your pre-teen artist to the Violet Hive In-between Art Studio. This time period for this age group can be tough. It can be hard to still want to play but also start to take more accountability and explore identity. 

This is an intentionally created space for your pre-teen to make art and be themselves. The studio will be held and supported by Art Therapists and the studio will involve a variety of materials (painting, fiber arts, 3-D Junk Art and more)

Step 1: Register in our store
Step 2: Please fill out the Required Participant Waiver:
Step 3: Come and Enjoy!
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Send your child artist to the Open Heart Art Studio Collaboration with the Art Garage ARK Program. This is an intentionally created space for your child to make art and be themselves. The studio will be held and supported by licensed Art Therapists and Masters level interns.

Although this will not technically be a therapeutic closed group there will be therapeutic benefits gained from the programming. The studio will involve a variety of materials (painting, fiber arts, collage, 3-D Junk Art and more) to learn expression, provide regulation and skill building around challenges. The conversation will be for open-minded or like-minded kids experiencing nontraditional personal or family structures.
Let us know your interest by filling out the Participant Waiver

adult programming

At Violet Hive we believe that art and mindfulness go hand in to bring about healing and transformation in your life. Art Therapy and Art Studios are not just for kids and you do not have to be an artist to participate! We believe that the process and participation are where the magic happens! Check out our new programming and come spend time with yourself and with our team that is over the moon to bring you our programming

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THE revival PROJECT:
art + energy seSSIONs

We all struggle with anxiety, depression, judgment of self or others. The problem is this often results in separation from love, passion, and fulfillment. This also leaves us feeling out of alignment with who we want to be. We understand and created this studio with these things in mind. Through our studio sessions, we will build on skills for self-care and will address these areas of life for transformation. Many of these skills will be achieved through working with art, the chakras, mindfulness, a renewed connection with yourself, emotions, and healing through art.


Each month we will offer this studio as an introduction to the Magic of the Mystic. Each studio will be different and centered around the beginning or ending phase of the moon cycle. You may learn about a variety of things visioning, crystals, essential oils, working with natural elements, how to clear your energy or the energy of your home and more. This Revival Art + Energy studio will often be collaborations between Art Therapists and other Peers that focus on various other healing modalities to bring you a fun and informative session. As the purpose of Revival is to bring intention to the energy of your body, bring in creativity and through art, and cultivate the passion you wish to see in your daily life and beyond. To register you will purchase one session for the listed date spaces are limited so grab yours as soon as they are posted. We will always offer those of the Revival Community that have participated in studios the first chance to register and after the first 24hrs registration will open when announced in the Violet Hive and Revival Project Newsletter. Next Session March, TBD. Stay tuned.

Revival Art + Energy Intro-1

This 3-week Introductory exploration studio is offered each quarter as part of the Revival Art + Energy series, we will go deeper and explore mindfulness, connecting with self, psycho-education, and healing through art. You will learn how to think about self-care differently, bring intention to the energy in your body, support yourself with art, and cultivate the passion you wish to see in your life. To register you will purchase a package for this 3-part class. 
Next Session Next Session April, TBD. Stay tuned.

Revival Art + Energy InTENSIVE-2

This 3-week intensive exploration studio is offered each quarter as part of the Revival Art + Energy series, we will go deeper into our learning about ourselves and intuition through the chakras and healing. You will learn how to take self-care to the next level, bring intention to the energy in your body and how to work with what it is communicating to you using inquiry, visioning, and art. To register you will purchase a package for this 3-part class. Revival Art + Energy will explore three aspects of our energy power centers: the chakras, mindfulness, connecting with self and emotions and healing through art.
Next Session April, TBD. Stay tuned.


"We had Amy and Bridget for our team retreat and they were awesome! We engaged in making our own mandalas and the team really enjoyed this experience. Would recommend them for group projects and retreats!"
-Jenna Bogan, Community Reach Center


West of the santa fe arts district • Mariposa

New Studio Space

Our studio spaces are part art studio and part therapeutic space which equals fun and healing for all! Feel to sign up for a workshop, join a therapeutic group, or start therapeutic services. Spots often fill up fast, and we look forward to seeing you.
Please let us know if you have questions or would like a consult.


We have moved! Our current studio is four blocks west of the Santa Fe Art District in The Mariposa Neighborhood.


Violet Hive Mariposa Location: Just west of the Santa Fe Art District! Feel free to park on the street around our studio at W. 10th Ave. & Navajo we are the office space on the corner to the left of the AfA Office at 1310 W. 10th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204.


"If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

–Vincent VanGogh

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