Art Therapy & Counseling Offerings


Art Therapy

The simple act of making art is inherently healing. Our professional art therapists facilitate the use of art media and the creative process to help our clients heal and enrich their lives with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Art therapy can unlock emotional expression through non-verbal communication and has been shown to benefit clients who found traditional therapy ineffective. Previous experience in art or artistic ability is not expected or required.

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Art therapy has become mainstream and is widely practiced in a multitude of settings from private practice to schools and hospitals. It can benefit people of all ages who experience developmental, medical, educational, and social or psychological impairment. Individuals who have survived trauma or abuse, face serious health conditions or other disabilities, have autism, dementia or depression can benefit from art therapy.  


Art Therapy: Individual, Couples and Family

At Violet Hive we provide a space that is safe for clients (individuals, couples or families) to explore emotions and challenges. Often unexpressed words and emotions are at the heart of symptoms, behaviors, and communication breakdowns. Through creative expression, art can allow openings for healing and growth to occur.  

The Science of Happiness: Art Therapy, soul Pancake

The Science of Happiness: Art Therapy, soul Pancake

How Does Art Therapy Heal the Soul?

This videos provide a brief, but insightful look into the positive effects that art therapy can have on people. You can also download the body image outline used in the art therapy activity, created by Soul Pancake. Also check out Violet Hive Art's Blog: The Buzz. "So, What is Art Therapy Exactly?" Enjoy! 

Learn more about art therapy from the American Art Therapy Association.

Groups and Studios are held in our colorful Workshop Room.

Groups and Studios are held in our colorful Workshop Room.

Art Therapy Closed Therapeutic Groups

A closed group is an opportunity to work through mental health challenges with the support of your peers while being guided through creative processes that will promote an improved sense of well-being. Therapeutic themes for groups often include, self-care, coping skills, identifying areas of need and support. Art is utilized to facilitate in bringing these themes to life. Each session will build on skills learned in prior sessions.