Art Studios & Groups for All Ages

We believe that art is inherently healing and healing can take form indirectly while creating art and enjoying the finished product. We describe our classes and studios as “art as healing.” We hope you leave with important takeaways and inspiration. Our therapeutic art therapy groups are usually closed therapy groups or support groups that are scheduled for a set amount of sessions and offered by a licensed professional or a therapist and artist team. No matter what you choose you are sure to learn more about art, art materials and yourself. Find out more about the materials and mediums we work with below. 

"The teachers and artists are so enthusiastic about offering traditional materials and teaching patrons to use them in a modern or new way. It is amazing to see the process and final products." (Mobile Programming)

–Deb C., Parent, Teacher and Artist

Paint: Watercolor and Acrylic

Express yourself and get in touch with your dreams and subconscious while learning the technical skills of painting as an art form. Painting, like other mediums, offers therapeutic benefits including a non-verbal way to express ideas our and feelings and offers an emotional release. 


Ceramics: Hand Building and Techniques

Ground yourself and get your hands dirty with clay. This medium has positive benefits for all ages including sensory development, motor skills, self esteem and self expression, problem-solving. After you create your masterpiece, we will fire it in a kiln so you can enjoy it for years to come. 


Fiber Arts: Yarn, Fabric and More

Mindfully regulate your nervous system by exploring traditional arts in crafts in a new way through textile art. The use of soft fibers, repetitive movement and seeing the progress you make can be quite satisfying. Who knew creating something by hand could be so relaxing and rewarding?


Paper and Collage: Soul Collage®, Weaving and Visual Journaling

So much can be done with paper, such as Soul Collage®, visual journaling, and mixed media. These all explore different takes on making the most of paper and its many uses. Challenge your critical and creative thinking by making something totally out of the box.