Art + Movement as Healing

The Revival Project

We all struggle with anxiety, depression, judgment of self or others. The challenge is this often results in separation from fulfillment, passion, and love. This also leads us to feel out of alignment with who we were created to be. We get it and created these studios with these experiences in mind. Through our workshops or studio sessions, we will build on skills for self-care, address different modalities, and areas of life for transformation. Many of these skills will be developed through working with art, mindfulness, the chakras, and human design. We use this approach of eclectic modalities for a renewed connection with yourself while also developing a deeper connection to community.



Art & Movement as Healing

As a collective of artists, movement, and healing practitioners we are committed to intentionally bringing creativity and flow to our community in a more accessible way through The Revival Project. The Revival Project is a collaboration with Violet Hive Art Collective. This team has specifically been cultivated by Amy Leiter, Violet Hive’s Founder to bring a higher level experience for those ready to explore, create, and flow at a more consciousness level and higher vibration while building community. We believe that everyone is creative and therefor an artist. We believe that everyone has the ability to move freely in their body we have just forgotten how. The act of expressing one’s self through art and movement allows us to have more access to the part of our brain that allows us to see events, consider the world for alternate perspectives, and grow… be in flow. Flow allows us the opportunity to create openings for an infinite amount of possibilities to be in one’s highest expression.

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