Plan Your Own Experience


Do you want the freedom to make choices while planning a fun, intimate night out for you and your friends?

At Violet Hive we are switching things up. We want to to help you plan your own experience. We will work with you to design the intimate event of your dreams! Violet Hive artists will invite you into their cozy and creative studio space to host a fun and intimate gathering of your favorite friends or co-workers to create your own unique work of art. So get your group together and choose from our menu to build your own custom studio experience -- we’ll do the rest. All studios must have between 4 and 10 participants, but the more the merrier! Contact us today for a consult to get the party started.

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Join us to weave some dreams of your own and create a modern interpretation of a Native American dreamcatcher. Many Native Americans believe that the night air was full of good and evil. Traditional dreamcatchers were intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, by catching them in the web, while letting positive dreams pass through. When the sun rose and the positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dreamcatcher and negative ones would burn away.

During this studio experience participants will receive gentle guidance to learn how to create a unique and personal dreamcatcher using a hoop and a variety of materials (lace, fabric, ribbon, yarn, feathers, and beads), all materials will be provided. If you wish to bring some of your own sentimental or beautiful items from home you are welcome to do that as well. 

All materials will be provided. If you wish to bring some of your own sentimental or beautiful items from home, you are welcome to do that as well.

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Malas are a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be a wonderful entry into mindfulness. There has been a shift to focus more on transformation and gratitude this past year and we want to help  with this exploration. Not often do we take time to slow down and give ourselves a moment to create. This studio is an opportunity to focus on your internal landscape, explore your authentic self with gratitude, and to set intentions that can be infused into your beads and this beautiful piece of jewelry.

In addition to being jewelry, a completed mala can be a powerful tool used to enhance your meditation practice. The word “mala” means "heavenly garland," and is used as a tool for meditation or prayer.

The aim of this studio will use mindfulness to visualize, set intentions to choose your stones and illuminate the energy you need to draw into your life. During the maker process, I will gently instruct and support you in creating your mala. I will also share information about how to use your mala, ideas for mantras, why 108 beads are used, care of your mala, and traditions. Malas can be used to transform habits or patterns in your life as well as to manifest what will be for your highest good for your energetic body and self.

All materials are included, however, certain stone choices may be additional. After the visualization and meditation, you will choose your beads and color palette. We will discuss intentions prior to the event to ensure that we have the right stone kits for you.

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Sometimes we just need to experiment and let go! This studio is an option to try different mediums or materials you want to learn to use. Is there a project or medium you would like to try? Choose from painting on up-cycled boards, ceramics hand-building (two-session studio: hand-building and glazing), gratitude jars, string art and more. During the consult process we will discuss your options!



SoulCollage® honors the transformative power of imagination. Using the medium of collage you will create very personal art for yourself. Your innermost self will gravitate to powerful images with symbolic meaning for you. SoulCollage® can enhance any area of your life, offering the benefits of a mindfulness practice, helping people to focus, relax, and be present to practice self-care and personal reflection.  

SoulCollage® Deck Series: Come to each course in the series to create a complete deck of SoulCollage® cards. Each course in the series is 2 hours long and costs $50.
All materials are included.

Committee Cards: Explore your inner world and the depths of your personality. Discover and develop your internal resources.
Council Cards: Draw from the collective unconscious and find your archetypal guides.
Companion Cards: Using guided imagery, discover the animal energies associated with each of your chakras and your Wild Self.
Community Cards: Examine and cultivate your social supports from your own life and from important figures you find inspirational and helpful.
Transpersonal Cards: Understand the universe of your SoulCollage collection.These cards create a holding space for creating and reading your cards.

Other available Intensive SoulCollage® Courses: (Courses can be up to 4 hours long)
Working with the Shadow: Exploring the shadow side of your cards and how it informs your SoulCollage® practice.
Contemplating Grief: Connect with and work through themes of grief and loss.
Using SoulCollage® for Self-care: Learn how to use your SoulCollage® cards in your everyday life for guidance, comfort, and setting intention.
Visioning with SoulCollage®: Ever made a vision board? Create intention and self-support in your life using SoulCollage®.