So you want to become
an Art Therapist?

We can provide Portfolio and Art Therapy Path Consultation to help you hone in on your theme and focus areas. Additionally, working with an artist or art therapist may help you to find your voice or heal through therapy. Our expertise and experience may help you to prepare for a change in career or to find out more about the profession and modality of art therapy. Below are several ways in which you may choose to engage with us, we are committed to helping you to have a positive experience.


Expertise, Understanding, and Programs
Explore your options, talk with other art therapists that have gone to school in our surrounding areas, such as Southwestern College and Naropa University, as well as working with interns and other post-grad experiences in the field. First things first review the requirements and information provided by the American Art Therapy Association as many of your questions may be answered. 

Experiencing Healing to Prepare for Graduate School through Art Therapy
Check out art therapy first hand to help you prepare yourself for grad school through through our Art as Healing and other therapeutic services.

Consultation: Prerequisites and Building Your Portfolio
We can help you build your portfolios and provide admission advice to help you hone in on your theme, focus areas and find your voice through consultation with an artist or art therapist.

Great resources for reading and preparation of the future:

Guide preparation for the ATCBE the exam the test for the ATR-BC (Board certification)
the reading list on page 16.

Naropa suggested reading list: