Beauty of April Pink Moon


The upcoming Pink Moon on April 19th is posed to bring so much magic to look forward to. It's around this time of year that the color pink starts to infuse our world. The clouds part to reveal vibrant sunsets, and the pop of the most positive color of all time can be found everywhere and trees begin to sprout and blossom like the cherry tree making the world a new. If you were expecting that the full moon would be flushed in pink too, sorry to disappoint. The spiritual meaning of the Pink Moon definitely won't however.


The "Pink Moon" name has a similar origin as the "Worm Moon or Sugar Moon" we experienced last month. In order to understand what time of year it is, the Native Americans endowed each full moon with a beautiful name that evokes imagery from the season in which it occurs. Each tribe had its own names, hence the reason why it is also called the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Hare Moon, or Fish Moon. All of these moons conjure memories of April. Overtime, colonial Americans adopted these names as well, and today, they're still just as important to our cultural consciousness.

The Pink Moon owes its name to the spring arrival of pink flowers called ‘wild ground phlox’ which bloom in springtime. This moon is also known as Egg Moon, due to spring egg-laying season. Both names, Pink and Egg, indicate the sprouting of seed and the explosion of bright beauty found in the phlox (pink) and other flowers rising for the spring debut.  As this full Moon falls right before Easter and during this time of renewal it pours out the message that life has conquered death.

Spiritually, the Pink Moon always signifies rebirth and renewal. After a long, cold, gray, and miserable winter, the resurgence of the color pink is a revitalizing dose of beauty and joy. It serves as a reminder that life is a set of ups and downs, a cycle of hibernation and reawakening. The flowers may go away for a while but they always return, more beautiful than they've ever been before. Their color is appreciated in a new light, since we've all gone so long without embracing their poetic impact on our world.

According to Cherokee Billie, a renowned spiritualist, the Pink Moon "brings the stability and security to crystallize recent changes and make them permanent improvements." If you harken back to where you were a few weeks ago on the April 7th new moon in Aries, you'll be able to see how much you've changed since then.

Whatever intentions you set on a new moon always develops throughout the course of the waxing moon phase, until your desires blossom completely on the full moon. For example, if you made the decision to become a more positive person back then, you may notice how optimism has become a intrinsic aspect of your personality by the Pink Moon.

Since the Pink Moon occurs at  Full Moon: April 19, 7:12 A.M in Libra while the new moon occurred in Aries, this particular lunar cycle is a bit of a shift to starting and beginning things a new and then finding balance with what you have created for integration.


Asking ourselves the following questions may help us tune into what the Universe wants us to see.

  • How much is too much?

  • Where do we draw the line?

  • What are the risks in doing so?

  • How bad do we want it and how far are we willing to go to get it?

  • Is enough ever enough?

Nobody knows the answers except for us—taking a minute to honestly ask ourselves may prove beneficial.  Take time to meditate and get the answers to these questions.

This is indeed a lucky time of year.  If you’ve been struggling at the first part of this year things should turn around for you if you pay attention and give thanks for this full Moon.

 With April’s Full Moon come new beginnings, new growth and the perfect opportunity to take control of your life. It's time to tap into that innate sense of power you have over your life.

Join us to celebrate this time of renewal and learn more about manifesting new things in your life and finding balance through the practice of watercolor and creating from natural elements. 

Happy Full Moon! 

Do good and be well,



Watercolor created during The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction, 02/2018

Watercolor created during The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction, 02/2018

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