At some point in our lives, we all have been uncomfortable in our bodies. Whether it be an injury, reactions to foods we eat, gaining extra weight, being sick, struggling with anxiety or depression, and maybe even just not feeling like yourself. I have experienced all of these and I am sure you can recall specific times you may have also. With losses of celebrities and mental health challenges on the rise; I felt is was important to speak to this again.

Often when we aren't getting our needs met emotionally we are not kind to our mind and body and end up feeling disconnected. When we try to find the source of/solve a problem or eradicate a condition, we often lose sight of what is most important... presence. Being in the moment and slowing down enough to listen with gentleness and without judgment allows us to hear what our bodies, minds, and spirits need us to hear. Our bodies are communicating with us. Once I am reminded of this all I want to do is apologize to my mind and body for being such a jerk. All this time I realize that I have been giving my body the perpetual hand. Trying to quiet it down and get it to shush. If any of you know me personally, I do not like to feel shushed or dismissed, so you can imagine what my body's response was.


What I know now is that my body was trying to give me information about the disconnect between my higher self, how I thought about myself, and the anxiety it was creating in my life and in my home (my physical body). The one thing I want to tell you is, no matter what you are dealing with, your body is giving you messages.

In my case, it was about anxiety, digestion, and self-worth. So, I will use that as an example. I was trying to calm down and stop feeling the strain in my shoulders, headaches, a general sense of anxiety, and restlessness. It was as if I felt like I didn't deserve to rest because there were things I needed to do. I had to stay busy so someday I could be successful and feel good about myself.

Let's pause for a second on that... I did not feel good about myself. I won't go down the rabbit hole of my personal story, but it is safe to say generational trickle down, messages from my family of origin, society, and our culture were the source. There were things I needed to explore about my worth including the fact that I thought I had to abuse myself to earn the things I wanted most. I am guessing other people have also felt this at work or at home. For example: when you feel like you cannot sit down and eat a meal, take the time to prepare nourishment for your body, to work out, or just generally take some time for yourself. I am here to tell you your body wants you to, your body needs you to, and you can!

Watercolor created during The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction, 02/2018

Watercolor created during The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction, 02/2018

Our body is not our enemy, we must treat it with the care and support it deserves. Our body is our home for our spirit or life force so in order for us to reach our fullest potential and connect with our truest self through a mind-body-spirit connection it has to feel that consideration. We are often very good at knowing when our mind needs to check out or if our spirit is low what it needs but our body tends to handle a lot of abuse and is often not given recovery time or care it deserves. So over time symptoms or conditions will arise. And it is important that we understand when we start having physical symptoms or illness come up there is usually an emotional or spiritual connection that has also been repressed. When I work with clients usually the first order of business is to reconnect your mind and body. So you can register your body's responses to triggers and stimuli and then make a connection between this response and the emotional or spiritual trigger.

Do you find yourself in a cycle of not knowing how to feel better or feeling unfulfilled or in a general state of unrest? Your body may be telling you that you need support. There are many ways to begin connection to the support you need.

The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction Studio 01/25-02/08

The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction Studio 01/25-02/08

The next The Revival Art + Energy 3-Week Intensive Introduction is this Thursday June 12th. Or if you feel like you would prefer 1:1 support feel free to fill out a consult form to get started on the path to healing and relief! Check out offerings listed here or the Violet Hive Art Collective or my site amyleiter.com. if you have any questions feel free to fill out a contact form and we can message or schedule a call.
Until next time... Do Good & Be Well,

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