In life, one of the most uncomfortable things is to feel stuck, blocked or unfulfilled. Our spirit will not let us rest until we begin to shift or transform this state. We experience anxiety, depression or other symptoms and may have exhausted ourselves trying to get to the source or root of our discomfort or pain. Each day or to break it down more, moment offers us the opportunity to make a choice. To renew the choice to let go of past moments and choose the one you are in. To choose to meet yourself where you are at and be with what is.

Every moment we have the choice to choose love, contentment, or whatever we wish to manifest. There is a way through any block because contentment begins with you. The choice begins with forgiving past choices, resentments, life detours, and choosing to be in the present. Then we are ready to declare to the universe that we are open to change. We have the power to change the story we tell ourselves by acknowledging that in the past, we did the best we could, we are strong and we are still trying. We can also recognize that we have learned lessons from our experiences and that is a success that will support us in new choices. The first step may be to acknowledge that we are ready to work, open to receive help, and move toward creating lasting change. Making this intention to ourselves and to the universe may be the opening we need to shift the stagnation we are experiencing. 

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I am here to remind you that truth heals. My experience is your experience your experience is my experience. We are part of a greater whole and we are all developing in this life until we take our last breath. So in this moment, you may choose growth, transformation, and wholeness. You can choose to see where you might have made a different choice without judgment. And, wait a second, yes, wait for it… in this moment, yes right now, it can be done. You can choose to return to self. You can choose contentment, joy, love whatever you would like to move towards right now.

Over the last decade, I have been doing this work I am describing to turn my wounds into wisdom, feeling stuck into fulfillment and pain into joy. I’m committed to supporting others in this very same work. Are you ready to get real about your transformation? If so then check out our new offering Revival Art + Energy Work. 

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