At 45, Tracee Ellis Ross has hit her stride. She is single, child-free and one of the amazing actresses. She won a Golden Globe for her performance in the sitcom and is a three-time NAACP Image Award recipient. This "Black-ish" Actress is not only funny but she has a heart! Ross is an activist for women, she's surrounded by a close group of friends, and she obviously has a job she loves. I would never have thought that I had a lot in common with Tracee Ellis but it seems that our hearts and minds may be in the same place. 

Photo: @traceeellisross

Photo: @traceeellisross

I know better than anyone what it is like to put your dreams or calling ahead of a traditional idea of success and womanhood. As a healer doing my own work and self-care, as well as, supporting others in healing may take up energy that would be reserved for a family.

In the past I have had to battle the are you getting married? And the clock is ticking stress. This year my health has narrowed my options but left me feeling relieved and less pressure. I have shifted my perspective as well. Sometimes we have to see events as events. What if nothing is good or bad. And last but not least my story is not written, I have choices and the more I leave myself open to possibilities and abundance I can still have it all it just may not be a result of biology.

Of course, I have second guessed my path, had waves of emotion and needed support. Do you ever feel you haven't hit your stride or unsure of your path? Could you use a little refresh on your passion, your fulfillment or are you going through a major transition? 

Check out this article on Tracee Ellis Ross by Leigh Weingus, mbg Yoga & Fitness Editor and see if you feel inspired! If you could use a little support wrapping your head around a big shift I am here for you contact me for a consult on If you are looking to heal or explore join us in the community we are creating for women, at The Violet Hive Art Therapy Collective.

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