Guest Post : How To Find Your Superpower by Monica Kovach


In comic books, they’re characters who have obvious supernatural abilities that differentiate them from the rest of society. They can run at incredible speeds, or fly, or become invisible. We, as the readers, witness their perilous journey toward self-discovery and exhale in relief when
their unique power is exactly the thing that defeats the forces of evil.

In essence, though, I believe a superhero is someone who discovers an innate power within themselves and chooses to use it to make the world a better place. Someone who chooses to cultivate their strengths instead of trying to change their weaknesses.

You have a unique gift, or superpower, that the world needs. You have something to offer that no one else can. Maybe it’s in the way you listen, or in the way you communicate. Maybe it’s in the art you make, or in your curiosity and quest for truth. Whatever it may be, it’s up to you to find it. And once you find it, it’s up to you to cultivate it… To strengthen it… To use it for good.

Here’s the best part:
When you find and use your superpower, your calling emerges. You naturally fall into the life and work you’re meant to do, in the way you’re meant to do it.

And sidenote: as your superpower develops and changes throughout your life, so does your calling. When you’re aligned with your superpower, and always willing to honor your strengths, a change in your calling isn’t jarring, it’s exciting.

If you’re struggling to find your superpower, answer these five questions:

1. What are you really good at? What lights you up?
Identifying our natural abilities and strengths lets us see the power that’s already there. That’s the thing about superpowers… They’ve been inside us the whole time.

2. Which of the above makes you lose track of time while doing it?
A feature of superpowers is that when we use them, everything else falls away. Our whole internal system tunes into this thing, which is one of the reasons it has so much power.

3. What could you talk about for days?
Usually, the things we love to talk about are the things we’re super passionate about. And in that passion lies some clues about who we are, and what makes us feel the way we want to feel.

4. What do people thank you for?
The people around us are often the best mirrors. Whatever people thank you for most often will point to the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

5. What do your friends and family say is your greatest strength? (Ask them!) Again, turn to your best mirrors for feedback. Ask people who you love and respect, and vice versa. It might feel awkward at first, but it’ll be worth it, trust me.

After you’ve answered these questions, do MORE of what makes you lose track of time. Talk about the things that you could talk about for days. Make space for the things that light you up, and eventually, your superpower will emerge and start to energize your life.

Monica is an art therapist and career coach, based in Detroit, Michigan. She runs, where she helps dreamers, doers, and change-makers find and live their calling.

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