Be All Of You Even If Just For A Minute Today!

Today I want to express to all of our followers how beautiful you are and give you permission to show up as your authentic selves. So often people tell me that they have struggled with being able to show up in all areas of their lives as themselves. They say they either have to wear different hats or masks or show up as less than themselves to fit in or feel comfortable. I have had that in the past as well or even sometimes in new situations. 

I invite you today to find some time for you... So much of the art therapy work I do with clients is about allowing them to be messy, raw, and vulnerable. I have the best job in the world as an artist and art therapist because I get to see people's authentic selves show up in so many ways - through their art, speaking their truth, non-verbal communication and shared energy. I invite our followers today to intentionally carve out a moment for yourself. A moment where you can be your most truthful, beautiful, and authentic self. Singing in the car or shower, moving your body or working out, making art, writing, speaking to friends, cooking, whatever allows you to feel full and wonderful. If you feel like you might like to work on integrating the different parts of yourself to experience this more on a daily basis check out or workshops or feel free to contact us for a consultation.


Do Good & Be Well.

Amy Leiter, LPC, ATR


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