When Did You Last Create Intentional Space for Yourself?

The subject of The Buzz is mindfulness and intuition. I am all about turning over a new leaf and getting motivated this Fall season in any way I can. Many people have told me lately that they absolutely cannot meditate when they hear the word mindfulness. And my thought is... if I can do, it so can you! If you've met me, you know I can be restless because I am a creator. I have found there are many easy ways to be mindful and there are many tools for meditation. Walking meditation, mindfully eating, Japa meditation with a mala, and the list goes on.

The problem is not meditation itself, it is understanding why.  Why are you choosing to meditate? What is your intention?
My answer is to tune into the inner wisdom that we call intuition and surrender. Our wisest, most authentic self does not always raise its voice often enough to be heard, so we need to slow down and focus in. 

For a minute or two let's just talk about our wisest self and our intuition. It shines through when we let it, in the simplest of moments and often the subtlest of ways.

Being sensitive is not the problem. Our sensitivity is necessary because as I said, your intuiton can be very subtle and often we dismiss it without knowing. Sometimes it is a quiet voice that is in your head, or a sense or feeling. It is a part of you that should be accepted and nourished. It should be given places to flow into and containers in which to grow. It is what tunes you into your wisest self.

Intuition or "being intuitive" looks different for everyone. The forms in which my intuition shows up quite freely is through sensation (often through auditory sensations—believe it or not, sometimes messages are delivered through music.) Your intuition might show up for you in a completely different way, and that is something to embrace and celebrate!

Our intuition needs containers and should be expressed. If our intuition is not expressed, we can stagnate, become overwhelmed, and shut down. Each person's containers look different. For one person, it might be yoga, a daily meditation practice, or being active and in your body. For another, it may be writing or being in nature once a week.  My personal practice or tools look a lot more like Reiki self-healing and art, pulling Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards, and journalling. I am also trying to incorporate a physical practice such as yoga or strength training but it is a process, right?!

We all have intuition. In our society, intuition is not often talked about and we aren't taught about its inherent presence in our lives. By accessing our intuition, we are able to develop a relationship with our authentic self or internal landscape. In order to experience this part of ourselves, we must be a little quieter and slow down. Take a breath. This is the perfect season for it.

Not often do we take time to slow down and give ourselves a moment to breathe, much less a moment to create. During this season of transformation, harvest, and gratitude, I intentionally created studios I am passionate about! Please join me in this exploration through Dreamcatchers and Mindfulness and Mala Making, an addition to our Friday Night Feature series. Revival Art + Energywork Sessions (3-week Course) has also been added to our Thursday night programming.

These studios are an opportunity be mindful, explore your authentic self with gratitude, and to set intentions which can be infused into your art. This can be an excellent practice to bring to your life before the rush of the holidays. Trust me, your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Search and register, and come to make space for yourself to create or just be!
Do Good and Be Well!


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