Born in Marseille, France, Emmanuelle has spent her life conversing between cultures. Her father was born in Corsica, a rugged, wild island in the Mediterranean Sea, and her mother was born in the cool, lofty Swiss Alps. In 2012, Emmanuelle moved from France to Denver, Colorado with her husband and two children. Adapting to cultural differences and language barriers has enriched her passion for communicating with others through art.     

She graduated from French Universities with a major in Psychology (Social Psychology and Cognitive & Neuro-Psychology). She worked for several years as a Labor psychologist, and today she is on her way to get an LPCC (License Professional Counselor Candidate) in the State of Colorado. She worked also as Lecturer at several Universities and over the years has acquired professional experiences in training, conception, and animation.

Ten years ago, Emmanuelle started studying art in Marseille with Dutch artist Nathalie Pijls. Initially, she focused on figurative paintings of the human body, inspired by her love of contemporary dance. Then, Emmanuelle developed her abstract painting style as she continued her studies at the Art Student League of Denver. In 2015, she had a show at La Cour, a French Art Bar on Broadway in Denver and her latest work was represented in September 2016 by Gallery at Studio J in Denver's Santa Fe Art District.                             

Emmanuelle's Perspective
My approach to using art as healing is to invite people to explore the powerful inner language of art while following their emotions and desires. During the art process, I will accompany you in the discovery of the Abstract Painting as a Reflective Practice in a way that you will be able to dive into your inner world and then express it freely and creatively. It is a new way to communicate with yourself and with others balancing between intuitive thoughts and principles of design such as color theory, contrast, shapes, textures, and composition. My approach is also based on pushing your creativity using technics to free your mind and your body, and on drawing series of Mandala (“circle” in Sanskrit) that is one of the most relaxing, soothing and rewarding art therapy activity. I believe in Art making as it will deliver personal meanings through the symbols, shapes, patterns, and colors that you are willing to use, helping you to find the keys to your own path to personal growth.

Emmanuelle's Artist Statement
Abstract painter Emmanuelle Auzias chooses colors and textures that express personal, specific emotions and observations. She is inspired by the atmosphere of her surroundings, such as the scent of a forest, the colors, and aromas of a street-side cafe, the feeling of sand on her bare feet, and the dazzling light of the south of France. Her latest collection of abstract paintings evokes the ancient Mediterranean seaport of Marseille as seen through her childhood memories and expatriate dreams. She works with acrylic, charcoal, graphite, chalk & oil pastels, ink...

"My paintings are abstract emotional postcards from me addressed to you. In each of them, imagine that we are together in a place and in a moment that we cannot share in any way except through art"

Approaches and Modalities: 
Art as Therapy, Creativity methods, Stress and Time Management, Motivational Theories, Personality Theories, Personal Development, Self-esteem, Skills & Knowledge Assessment. 

Preferred Mediums: Mixed Media painting, Collage.
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