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August 30th: Earth... New Moon in Virgo


Is your inner Goddess ready for Virgo season? The energy of Virgo; the virgin, the mother and the goddess. The Virgo Sun Season allows us to touch into our unique gifts and share them with our community and the world. This is a season of giving of your self and walking your true path. To walk and be curious about your inner landscape and have gratitude and self love for all the Universe created you to be. Your patterns celebrated talents as well as challenging aspects. Virgo is ruled by Earth energy and grounds us enough in the present to help us to acclimate, organize and raise our vibration. Now is the time to return from community to focus on the self for healing and building a solid foundation to return to or discover your calling and what you have to share with others.

Aug 30th is the New Moon and will allow us to feel into our energy and see ourselves and the special gifts we have to offer with ease. New moons are a time to set intentions and visions for how we see these gifts and wish to offer them to the world. First we asked to look inside, check in with our desires and establish clarity around boundaries and what is serving us. This will be a powerful time to embrace our knowing of our own self-worth and realize that our focus and desires can be realized.

How will you engage to explore your true worth and feel into your own unique Artist, Feminine, and Goddess Power? Join us for Mindfulness and Grounding, Root Chakra work, Art and Intention setting.