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Revival Art Introduction (Week 1 of 3)


Women's Art as Healing, Revival Art + Introduction
3-weeks, Thursdays 9/12, 9/19 9/26 (6:30-9:15 pm) 

In our 3-week studio series called Revival Art Introduction, we will explore three aspects of our body, mind, and spirit connecting through mindfulness to ourselves and healing through art.

You will learn how to think about self-care differently, bring intentional attention to your body, support yourself with art from your intuition, and cultivate the passion you wish to see in your life. 

You are a perfect participant if you have ever struggled with anxiety, depression, judgment of self or others resulting in separation from love, passion, or fulfillment. Or if you feel you have gotten out of alignment with the woman you want to be. This can jump-start an opening for change.

Week 1: Revive your Mind
Creative ways to connect with ourselves
(Art based strategies and Inspiration)

Week 2: Revive your Body
Using Mindfulness to Engage with
Your Physical Body 
Psychoeducation, Chakra Energy
Centers, and Self-care tools
(Stones and Mala Bead Bracelets)

Week 3: Revive your Spirit & Intentions
Engaging with our Intuition through
our 5 Senses  (Essential Oils 101, Art,
and Making Meaning of Experiences)

Register today for this 3-week studio
Participant waiver is required before the first studio. Message with questions.