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In-Between Art Studio (Pre-Teens 9-12yrs.)

  • Violet Hive Art Collective (map)

Send your pre-teen artist to the Violet Hive In-between Art Studio. This time period for this age group can be tough. It can be hard to still want to play but also start to take more accountability and explore identity. 

This will be an intentionally created space for your pre-teen to make art and be themselves. The studio will be held and supported by Art Therapists and the studio will involve a variety of materials (painting, fiber arts, collage, 3-D Junk Art and more)

Step 1: Register in our store

Step 2: Please fill out the Required Participant Waiver:

Step 3: Come and Enjoy!

Any questions? Email Amy at

*This studio is the same time as the teen studio. Most days will meet in a separate room. If there is a lesson or combined class we will make sure all content is age appropriate or guided in a way that each age group's needs will be met. This age registration is for Pre-Teens 10-13yrs. (If your child is 6-9yrs old, check out Open Heart Art)

**To ensure we have consistent programming, participation, and enough spaces available, we are making some changes to our commitment to you and our payment structure. With these changes, to our teen, pre-teen, and children's programming, you will have the opportunity for more savings! 

You are guaranteed that programming will be available every date for the 2 month time period the programming is offered (unless we account for a holiday which we will be closed). The pricing is based on a 6-week package but is for 8 or 9 weeks depending on how many Thursdays or Saturdays are in the month. You will have the option to miss 2-3 studios without losing any money or being penalized. If your child comes to all 8-9 weeks of programming you are rewarded with 2-3 studios for free. We will not require being notified but as a courtesy would appreciate it. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns we hope these changes will benefit everyone involved! 

Image Source: Monica Peters, AKA Graphic Knight