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SINGLE TICKET - Teen Art Studio June-August (14-17yrs)

Enrich and deepen your teen's individual, personal, and artistic voice by allowing them to participate alongside a community of artists who want to venture beyond where their school’s art classes go. Guided by artists and art therapists, they will learn to think creatively about what inspires them while following their passion. They will learn to consider the influence different media and music have on their creative process. Drawing on these and other sources, they will learn how to communicate and express their ideas visually in community. Each week we will be supporting them in techniques or mediums to expand and explore their creativity.

Other Therapeutic Benefits and Skills: 
Mindfulness, development of coping strategies, building self-esteem, using voice with confidence, create appropriate boundaries, build relationships and connections beyond school, developing eye-hand coordination, nervous system regulation, color coordination, sequencing, temporal-spatial, attention to detail, measuring, basic sewing, and artistic skills.

Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 Violet Hive Art Therapy

Step 1: Register on our store
Step 2: Participant Waiver
Step 3: Bring your lil artist to create and feel good! Check out our Materials page on our website to get more information.