Registered Psychotherapist, Art Therapist & Studio Artist
Community Impact & In-Service Facilitator
Master of Arts in Counseling and Art Therapy Candidate, Southwestern College

As a practitioner, studio artist and in-service facilitator at Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing, I beleive in its mission to connect people through relationship and community while providing opportunities and access to art as healing. 

I am committed to utilizing art in facilitating mental health. I attained a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Iowa and an additional Major in Art Therapy from Edgewood College. I am currently completing the final requirements for a Masters of Arts Therapy in Counseling and Art Therapy from Southwestern College.  I use a a variety of approaches primarily a client-centered method of working together with my clients to attain their  goals and ultimately healing. 

Bridget's Perspective

I believe in the power of art to assist clients and participants in gaining insight and new perspectives to help facilitate personal growth. As a counselor, art therapist and workshop facilitator at Violet Hive Art Therapy,
I use a client-centered method working together with clients to attain the common goal of building a therapeutic relationship and healing. I have worked with a variety of clients of various experiences, ages, and challenges.

Approaches and modalities include: Art Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness, Psycho-education, and Psychodynamic Theory