Children: Package-Open Heart Art Studio (Ages 7-10 yr-olds)

Children: Package-Open Heart Art Studio (Ages 7-10 yr-olds)


Send your young artist to the Violet Hive Open Heart Art Studio. This is an intentionally created space for your child to make art and be themselves. The studio will be held and supported by licensed Art Therapists and Masters level interns.

Although this will not technically be a therapeutic closed group there will be therapeutic benefits gained from the programming. The studio will involve a variety of materials (painting, fiber arts, collage, 3-D Junk Art and more) to learn expression, provide regulation and skill building around challenges. The conversation will be for open-minded or like-minded kids experiencing nontraditional personal or family structures.

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Step 3: Bring your lil artist to create and feel good!
Check out our Materials page on our website to get more information.

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If you have any further questions, please contact Amy Leiter at:

Step 1: Register
Step 2: REQUIRED-Please fill out a participant waiver before you arrive