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Pink Full Moon Ritual - Calling in Spring

Join us to meet for a FULL MOON RITUAL to call in Spring and new energy on this upcoming Pink Full Moon!!! Violet Hive, will be hosting this MIND BODY INTENTION Event since we seem to be a space to harness some female power and appropriate for sacred art making.

During this special time, we will be setting intentions and burning things we wish to let go of. As well as making art to continue following these intentions throughout the moon cycle. So you will come away with a nice gift and reminder of our tribe and your intention!!!

This pink full moon is the only one of this year! While the moon will not actually turn pink, it is named after the pink herb moss and wild phlox that arises at this time of year. We will be spring cleaning our psyches and third eyes to make room for new energy. We will choose oracle cards, make art, set intentions for the moon cycle and share our supportive, loving, feminine divine energy with our tribe of like-minded women. 

Please bring $20 in cash, check, or register online at for one moon ritual
Or buy a 3 pack for $50

Bring your wishes, fears, shadows, and light. Art materials and light refreshments are included in the price of the evening.