About Us

Violet Hive Art Collective is an art and art therapy collective. Aspects of our business hold a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. This collective mindfully provides multiple expressions of art on a spectrum through classes, studios, and individual and group therapy.

We know that art is inherently healing. Our mission is to use art to support the people of Denver. We offer programming at our studio as well as partnering with schools and other organizations to add art and therapeutic elements to their offerings, through mobile programming at their site. We hope our patrons will come to see themselves authentically and experience holistic wellness through different forms of creative expression. 

We will guide you through challenges that may be preventing you from living your fullest life. Whether it is achieved through our studios or modes of therapy, healing starts by taking care of your whole self. Let the journey commence.

"Violet Hive is tucked into a cozy, comforting space, and offers Art Therapy to children, teens, adults and families. What is Art Therapy, you ask? Do you have to be an accomplished artist to benefit? NO-- Art Therapy is for EVERYONE (especially children who may have trouble expressing their feelings in words, and anyone who may have built communication barriers because of past traumas or events). 

But wait, you say! I don't have any issues... I'm as well-adjusted as they come! Violet Hive is for YOU TOO... because alongside the Art Therapy, they offer group art classes, workshops, and events… I can't recommend this place enough. Art can, and should be for EVERYONE. However, not all of us have the resources, the space, or the materials at home to create everything we wish we could. Art is good for your mind, body, and soul... so go heal yourself at Violet Hive! You can thank me later." -KYM GaNeLES, ARTIST AND PARENT