What If Your Child Is Not All Pink Or All Blue?

What if your child floats on the gender variation spectrum from super-macho-masculine to all the way to super-girly-feminine? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Why are we so freaked out about our kids being who they were born to be and exploring what that means for them? What does who they choose to be say about us? And is that the real problem? Are we not ok with who we are as adults?  Find out more about this and the gender spectrum in the article, The Gender Spectrum

Also check out Chelsea Handlers show on Netflix, Chelsea. The episode "Dinner Party Adventure in Parenting" it was fantastic. And even more fantastic due to the section on gender fluidity with CJ and his family. Every parent should try to understand Gender Fluidity, our kids will grow up understanding that there is a Gender Spectrum. This world is changing fast and we need to get with the program to better support our kids. Keep in mind it is Chelsea Handler so there will be some off color comments that could offend so feel free to check out CJ's Mom's blog either way.  https://raisingmyrainbow.com/

Illustration sourced from the Gender Spectrum Article
by Olaf Hajek

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