At Violet Hive we want you to understand a little more about what we do. We first believe that art in itself is inherently healing. You do not have to be an "artist" to join a workshop or open studio! Although we believe everyone is in their own way. We feel this way because we use a holistic model of seeing people in our lives and in work.

Art therapy is a healing modality which applies a model that recognizes the whole person and its many aspects—physical, mental, spiritual and emotional—while allowing the client to drive the process. This process is relational and uses talk and art mindfully. Images in the form of art may allow the client access to their subconscious in ways words cannot. Art therapy is based on knowledge of human developmental and psychological theories as well as art theory. This powerful modality works toward reconciling emotional conflicts, cultivating self-awareness, developing social skills, managing behavior, solving problems, reducing anxiety, aiding reality orientation, increasing self-esteem, and integrating difficult emotional content and trauma. For more information checkout: Art Therapy Association of Colorado (ATACO) and American Art Therapy Association. (AATA)

I absolutely love this video for explaining and showing how the process of art therapy can work. Watch The Science of Happiness -Art Therapy  from SOUL PANCAKE so you get it too!



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Amy Leiter

From a very young age I have had a passion for art making as a way to learn and explore my world. After working as a professional designer for several years, I discovered I could embrace my expression and creativity in the service of children and adolescents. I entered graduate school to train to offer art as a powerful mode for healing. With my M.A. from Naropa University in Counseling and Art Therapy, my dream of using art to heal will be realized through the creation of a nonprofit organization, Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing. I am off to a great start. However, I could use some help, which is why I need YOU! As a child of adoption, I have personally experienced the profound healing that counseling and art therapy can provide. My passion for children and my clinical experience have prepared me to offer comprehensive support to clients from various backgrounds with a wide variety of needs. My goal is to create an organization that promotes community and hope while giving clients choice, no matter their circumstances. At Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing we guide and support children, adolescents and families in their journey through the healing process. Youth will learn to recognize their strengths, identify challenges and overcome adversity. With the support of the Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing team, adolescents will also learn how to identify and communicate their feelings and emotions, which in turn can influence the course of their life.