How is Art Therapy Different from Traditional Counseling and Art Making?

Art Therapy Can Help with Many Challenges

• Help with Life Transitions and Challenges
• To Explore finiding your authentic path
• Be more present and cultivate self-awareness
• Become more aware of your coping strategies and relational patterns
• Improve your relationships by reconciling emotional conflicts
• Reduce Anxiety and Depression, Learn skills to help you cope with challenges
• Increasing self-esteem, and Integrate difficult emotional content and Trauma
• Allow you to feel more empowered in your life

At Violet Hive We Believe Everyone is an Artist

It is open to all people regardless of artistic talent. If you can make a mark and pick a color you are ready to go. The emphasis is on the process, and not the final product. The process is client driven and Art Therapists will work with you to tap into underlying messages in your art. The art shows us, together, without judgment what is underlying to move forward with the healing process. 


Individual Counseling and Art Therapy: $85.00-100.00/50 minutes
Couples Counseling and Art Therapy: $120.00/50 minutes   
Family Counseling and Art Therapy: $100.00/50 minutes
*Partner rates may vary please confirm with the therapist you choose to work with.

Individual Therapy Master's Therapeutic Intern :  (Sliding Scale Rate) $30.00/50 minutes

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For more information checkout: Art Therapy Association of Colorado (ATACO) and American Art Therapy Association. (AATA)