Amy Leiter, MA, LPCC
Founder of Violet Hive Art Therapy, Artist, and Registered Art Therapist
Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling & Art Therapy, Naropa University, Boulder, CO

As the Founder of Violet Hive Art Therapy and Healing, Amy's personal mission is to connect people through community and to provide opportunities for healing through the creative arts while going through life’s many transitions. Amy states that art therapy is for everyone no matter their artistic level. She believes that the creative process may encourage personal growth through accessing the subconscious in a way that allows for healing and rediscovering the authentic self. As an art therapist, Amy focuses on building and developing the therapeutic relationship, through creating trust and safety to support healing. Practicing from a client-centered, mindfulness, relational and compassionate approach, she strives to create a space and structure for clients share their truth and story. 

Amy's Perspective

Q: What is Creativity? 
A: The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration. –Elizabeth Gilbert

This question is central to the work I do. Throughout the therapeutic process, we will develop a safe and trusting relationship to support the art process and mindfulness practices. During this process difficult emotions from the subconscious may arise, through processing these emotions within the therapeutic relationship promotes healing and growth to help the many challenges and transitions that arise in life. The use of art combined with mindfulness supports individuals to slow down, come into present moment awareness, and approach emotions and feelings in a present and nonjudgmental way.

Whether the client is a child, teen, adult or family; I strongly believe that building a therapeutic relationship is an integral part of the healing process. I strive to honor that every client and family has their unique story and connection to their creative source. I specialize in the treatment of psychological trauma, and its subsequent issues including anxiety and depression, difficult behaviors, adoption, life transitions/transformation and other challenges. 

I describe my work as Revival or Awakening of the Spirit Through Art. Many of my clients are experiencing major life transitions or exploring aspects of themselves or their family that need healing. Using art therapy through this creative transition process allows them to grow, heal, and follow their passion. 

Are you experiencing a major life transition? Are you reviving a past love or exploring something new? Or exploring aspects of yourself or your family that need art as healing? Contact me today to take the first step. 

In most cases therapy sessions 50 minutes, once a week. With new clients, I prefer to meet weekly for at least 4-6 sessions and reassess once we have started working together and set goals. I believe this time is necessary for the therapeutic relationship to begin to develop and what type of work that will be the focus of therapy.  Many clients will continue to do work weekly beyond the 4-6 weeks to keep the momentum going. In this busy world, I will try to meet your needs and be as flexible as possible to work toward the transformation you desire.

Approaches and Modalities include Art Therapy, Creative Transitions, Mindfulness, Relational, Trauma-Focused, Transpersonal and Psychodynamic Theory.